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Start Your Journey To Better Health & Wellness

Do you want to lose weight, gain strength, and develop healthy lifestyle habits?

Have you tried and failed on your own or at the gym? I can help motivate and push you past your comfort zone… to succeed. Most training programs are incomplete and likely to fail without proper support, guidance and motivation.

My focus is on nutrition, lifestyle and exercise to help tone, strengthen and build muscle and endurance. My high energy personality and workouts are fun, effective, challenging, and addictive.

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Personal Trainer


Individually designed programs to suit you & by far the most effective way to meet your fitness goals. Regular assessments to monitor your progress. At my studio, the 24hr gym, your home or cottage. Certified professional personal trainer.

Class Schedule


Fun Group Fitness Classes. 8 week Strength & Conditioning Programs. Summer & Fall Boot Camp. Team mentality of group exercises can push you beyond what you thought was possible! Designed for all fitness levels.



Individually designed program to suit you and the most effective way to meet your fitness goals. Easy to follow meal plans, great for the whole family. No dieting, no fads, no gimmicks. Just healthy whole foods and proper nutrition.