Personal Training For Men & Women

I want YOU to feel empowered and strong. The workouts I design are effective, fun & challenging. Everyone can achieve success and reach their fitness goals. YOU can embrace life as a journey in physical and mental fitness.

My job is to support YOU through well educated workout and nutritional programs. It is my privilege to get to know the people I work with and to encourage, energize and care for their health.

I effectively train all ages and sizes, men & women. My clients goals also vary from improving sports performance, weight loss, body sculpting, maintenance and rehabilitation.

I train people where they feel most comfortable. Whether it is in my private studio, at the 24hr gym, at their homes or their cottage. My group classes are designed for all fitness levels and take place at the studio. Boot camps take place outside and are the perfect compliment to summer life in Muskoka!

I love to run and offer regular running clinics for various distances. I have spent the past four years working with Arrowhead Camp and their fall Women’s weekend and last year I started designing fitness programs for Winning Techniques Camp.

Whatever, your fitness level, confidence level or goal, I can help challenge YOU, support and believe in YOU. Together we can make your dreams reality.